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Dårlig låsing av sykkel

Locking your bike

Owners should:
  1. Lock as much of the bike as possible. Use to different locks, or remove the front wheel if there is quick release; put it next to the back wheel; run the lock through both rims, the frame, and a parking meter.
  2. Use a U-shaped lock.
  3. Lock the bicycle to something that can’t be broken or ripped out of the ground. Make sure a thief can’t lift the bike off the mount (such as off a pole).
  4. Lock the bicycle in a lighted, visible place where there is plenty of pedestrian traffic.
  5. Consider making the bicycle less attractive (by putting some ugly tape on it, for example) or purchasing a bike with a simple, nondescript paint job. The more the bike stands out, the more likely it will disappear.
  6. Make sure the lock is not near the ground where it can be hammered.
  7. Do not leave the bicycle unlocked in a garage directly visible off the sidewalk. Keep the bicycle locked to the garage.

Many thefts occur in unlighted areas with little pedestrian traffic. Many others result when owners leave bicycles unlocked because they think the area is safe (e.g., the balcony of an apartment building).

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